If you are relocating and moving aboard you will require an international removals service.

Sea freight shipments

Sea freight shipments to most destinations are despatched in steel shipping containers, with you having the option of using the whole of the container for your goods or reducing the quantity of your goods to be moved and using our consolidation service. For shipments to the more obscure destinations, your consignment would be packed into wooden export cases prior to being shipped.

Should you opt for the sole use of a container, we would load your consignment directly from your home into the container, which would then be transported to the port for loading onto the vessel. At destination, our agent would arrange customs clearance, and bring the container to your new residence (subject to local regulations and suitable access), and unload your consignment directly into your new home. Furniture will be placed in the correct rooms, as will cartons, which will also be unpacked if required. Dismantled furniture will be assembled if required and the used packing materials will be removed.

Smaller consignments are consolidated with other consignments for the same destination. When the consignment arrives at the destination, our agent will arrange for customs clearance and redelivery, unpacking as required, assembling furniture and removing the used packing materials. Using this consolidation method of shipment is slower than having the exclusive use of a container, it is however more economical.

Airfreight shipments

We can also arrange to send your goods by airfreight, which is quicker but generally a more expensive option. This option is often best for smaller consignments or for those items you will need very soon after arriving at your destination, but which would be too inconvenient to take with you on your flight.

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